Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If I could write a letter to mom...It would read....

If I could write a letter to my mom in Heaven, here is what it would say....

Dear Mom,
It's your baby girl.  It's been one year since you've lived with Jesus.  Do you realize that?  Does it feel like you've just arrived?!!!  I miss you.  It's just like it was yesterday that you left.  It's taken a really long time to wrap my mind around you not being here on earth.  I miss our phone calls, laughs, and jocularity.  I miss your hugs, giving heart, and the ability to make friends like nothing. 

These days, King Jesus is taking really great care of me.  He's reassuring me that everything will be ok and that He has my best interest at heart.  Mama, what's Heaven like?  I'm sure when you first saw it, it took your breath away.  I'm sure that you probably can't even describe it.  It's a part of the great mystery the Bible talks about.  What's it like to worship King Jesus every day?  What's the music in Heaven like?  I bet it's beautiful.  Mama, have you met all of the saints of old?  If I were a betting person, I'd say you're still at the feet of Jesus thanking Him for all of His blessings.  I wonder if you'll ever leave His feet.  My guess is probably not.

Can you see down here on earth?  I've adopted the thought that you can't.  It helps me to go on, relying on Jesus Himself alone.  He's more than enough, and I"m sure if you could come back you'd tell me that.  The tears flow a little less these days, but my heart will always have this void because you aren't here.

The book is almost done.  I promise to make Jesus famous through it.  Our beautiful life here on earth will always be a treasure to me.  I will never forget the day King Jesus made you my mom!  You meant the world to me and I will forever be thankful to Jesus for making you my mom.

I don't know when I'll get to Heaven.  Only God knows that day.  Trust me though, I'm counting down the days until I get to see you again.  My faith will then become sight, the tears will dry, and together we will worship Jesus together.  I love you and I miss you.  Have a great day around God's throne today.  I miss you, and I love you!

Your baby girl.

Who Jesus has been to me since loosing mom

Today, I'd like to speak from my heart.  Tomorrow is the one year mark of my mom's death.  It left me completely parentless.  Jesus has been my Father. 

After mom died I felt like somebody had droppped me off at the door of an orphanage with a big sign that said, DEAL WITH IT.  Angry, sad, numb, and alone I began to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and carry on with life.    I'd pray this prayer every day for about six weeks:  "Dear God, get me though this day.  That's it today God, Amen." 

I got angry with God.  I even asked, "God are you really there?  Why would you leave me like this with no parents?"  He lovingly let me vent and get it all out.  He carried me and loved me unconditionally through those tough days.  I'd sit in my pew and put on my church face and give the canned answers that everybody gives when they walk into church.  "Everything is fine."  Yeah right, it wasn't fine and I was heartbroken.

One day at church we had a visiting comedian who finished the service with a song called "The Family of God."  I'd sang it growing up and never paid much attention to the words UNTIL this particular Sunday. 

"From the door of an orphanage to the house of the King,
No longer an outcast, a new song I sing.

From rags until riches from the weak to the strong,
I'm not worthy to be here, but praise God I belong.

I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of God,
I've been washed in the fountain, cleansed by His blood.
Joint heirs with Jesus as we travel this sod,
For I'm part of the family, the family of God.

I was a mess.  I cried all the way home.  God sweetly and gently reminded me that I was a part of His family and had been since age 9.  I'm His baby girl and He has carried me through these tough days.  He's reminded me that I'm His baby girl and that one day I'll be Home with Him. 

Later on in 2012 He gave me one last reminder through His Word.  John 14:18:  "I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you."  That was enough for me.

Jesus, He's been my Father.  He's more than enough even on days when I miss mom the most!

A tearful,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Are you clogged?!!!

This afternoon I was dealing with a clogged up sink.  It has become a point of frustration.  As I began to pour the solution down the drain God quietly painted me a picture.   He said, "That is what sin does in your life."  It clogs you up. 

The gunk, and filthiness of sin build up over time until it is just like my sink drain.  Dirty and stagnant.  Sin stinks.  It's not pretty and the more you let it accumulate the uglier it can become.  Have you become stagnant in your walk with Christ and let sin clog you up?  It's time to do something about it right?!!!

So, what is the solution to a clogged up Christian heart?!!!  Repentance! Once you repent and head in the other direction no longer allowing sin to clog you up, life can begin again!  It's not easy but it's doable!  A daily dose of God's Word, and constant prayer will keep your heart pure and right before God!

Are you clogged up Christian?!!!


Monday, January 28, 2013


It's Monday!  Sometimes it's just good to be real and stop putting on our Sunday morning facades.  Today, I've decided to take off the "everything is ok facade" and let down my guard.

You see, it's in my nature to be REALLY SWEET to folks.  I mean I write 5-10 cards a month to different people, do nice things for friends/people because I care etc.  I've been told oodles of times, "Alicia, you're too nice."  Well, what does too nice mean?  What do I do?  Do  I turn my back on what I've been raised to do and just the mere fact it's my nature.

It's scary that people think I have some alterior motive to being nice.  All I really want to do is show people God's love.  Evidently, not every body appreciates it.  Jesus wasn't the most popular person on earth.  He had people who didn't like Him.  He had his very own disciple Judas betray Him.  Jesus must've been heart broken.

So, today on Monday, beyond my church pew, I'm learning that being nice has it's limits and Jesus understands we all have days where "everything isn't ok."


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Year with an Antheist...Would you do it?!!!

Sometimes God calls us completely out of our comfort zone.  We all know that Jesus commanded us to Go ye into all the world....What if that meant witnessing to an Atheist for a year?  What if that meant you didn't have to leave the comfort of your home?  Would you do it?!!!  Honestly, I know most people would say a resounding NO.  How would you go about it?  What would happen?  How would they respond?  Well, that would all be left up to the Holy Spirit. 

Well guess what???  I've been called out of my comfort zone.  I've been witinessing to an Atheist for about 6 months.  What has happened?  God is softening the heart of the person.  There's a long way to go.  However, in 2013 God has called me to do something even more with this person.  He's called me to love them.  I will love them with GOd's love.  I will show mercy, extend some grace, and let the Holy Spirit of God lead. 

One year witnessing and being the hands and feet of Jesus to an Atheist...Would you do it?!!!  Well, this chick is.  I will blog about what God does.  Come along and let's watch God do what only HE does best! 

In His unfailing love,

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Merry Christmas from Alicia!


Dear Friends:
Merry Christmas!  Christmas is one of my favorite times of year!  It's a time of celebrating the birthday of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  It's also a time of reminiscing on the year and enjoying some fun, food, and fellowship with friends and family!

On Sunday, my Pastor preached about the birth of Jesus.  Now, if you want to get blown away by the specialness of the place where Jesus was born and how God revealed His plan even in the old testament please visit www.yorkriver.org and click on sermons.  It is titled His Special Birth.  My pastor got all choked up preaching it.  I had chills and was just blown away!  I'd heard it before but it never gets old! 

Sean and I celebrated 13 beautiful years of marriage this year!  We are still on our honeymoon!  When God put us together it was just a beautiful thing!  I love him so much and I would marry that man all over again today!  He's such a sweet guy who truly loves Jesus with all of his heart!  He is also very funny!  He keeps me in stitches around the house!  Every week we still have date night!  It's our way of slowing down to enjoy some "us time" together!  It's normally the high light of our week.   Th question usually like this:  "Alicia, will it be a chick flick, a rom-com, or a chick flick?!!!"  It's kind of funny! We've made a deal that for every chick flick he watches with me he gets to watch a "man movie."  I watch some of his man movies with him while others I let him be alone in the man cave with all of that testosterone in one place!  Recently, Sean got promoted to Customer Service Manager at Steinmart in Williamsburg!  He is also still in the Financial services business. When he's not doing those things, he teaches Sunday School and he LOVES to cook!  Did I mention how much I love him?!!!  He still makes my heart go pitter patter!  Yep, I"m a smitten kitten for that man!  Ok...moving on!

I"m still at Best Buy in Newport News.  I like the people I work with and hopefully in 2013 will make supervisor! We will see.  Also, in 2013 if God sees fit, my first book "The Dixie Street Miracle" will be coming out!  It's my personal testimony!  In the pages you'll find Jesus.  The goal of the book is to glorify, uplift, and point folks to Jesus.  Please keep me in your prayers as we reach the home stretch of the book publishing process! 

A huge  triumph for me this year is that with God's help I've lost 30 lbs!  Yes!!!!  It's been interesting but I feel AMAZING!  My self-esteem has gone up quite a bit!  All glory goes to Jesus Christ!  I have 9 more lbs to loose and then I'm done!  After that point I'll simply maintain! 

This year has been a year of tears, trials, and triumphs. It's the last of all of the "firsts" without mom. It's my first Christmas without her. I'm sad but not grief-stricken like I was earlier in the year. God has been the God of all comfort to me. He's been my rock and strong tower through the valley of the shadow of death. Christmas in heaven must be awfully nice! I really wonder what it's like.

As you all know, this time of year can be REALLY BUSY.  I would like to challenge you to take the time to slow down and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas!  Take the time to call somebody and tell them you love them and were thinking about them.  Enjoy a hot cup of cocoa, coffee, or tea, have a date night!   Listen to beautiful Christmas songs!  Most importantly make time for King Jesus!  It's His Birthday and He's so worthy to be worshipped, praised, and adored!

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas,
Alicia Roark

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving From Alicia!

Happy Thanksgiving

It's the day before Thanksgiving and my heart is full to overflowing with the blessings God has given me.  I've got so much to be thankful for!  The biggest thing or actually person I'm thankful for is Jesus Christ!  He's been my everything this year and in years previous, but especially this year now that mama lives in Heaven with Him.

He's been my comforter, provider, and my shelter from life's raging sea.  He's carried me on days when I've not been able to put one foot in front of the other.  He has caught each tear I've shed this year over loosing mom, life's disappointments, and just everyday struggles.  Thank you Lord!

I'm also thankful for my amazing husband, my married family, and my co-workers!  They see lots of me! Especially my co-workers! We are in the season of living in each others back pockets.  Truth be told I care for each and every one of them.  There aren't always good days at work, but with God's help we all get through.  Pray for us this week as we survive Black Friday!  If you didn't know, I work at Best Buy.

I'm thankful for my precious friends and acquaintances!  Whether you've known me a long time or just for a very short time please know that I'm truly grateful that God saw fit to place you in my life!  I am thankful for each of you and I thank my precious God each time I remember you!

Another thing I"m truly grateful for is the 27 pounds I've managed to loose over the past 7 months!  I feel great and people say I look great.  It's a God thing trust me!  I might start a weight loss blog in the new year!  We will see.

As we all sit around tables filled with turkey, dressings, and all the fixings tomoroow, please take time to pause and truly give thanks for all you've been blessed with!  I would like to cordially wish you a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving!  Make sure to bless somebody else tomorrow too!

Happy Thanksgiving!