Monday, May 7, 2012

Freshly perculated Faith beyond the church pew!

Monday, it seems to be satan's second favorite day of the week!  He loves to fill our to do lists with all kinds of busyness that doesn't include God.  If you're anything like me, your to do list seems to never all get done, but it tends to grow.  Your to do list might include shopping for groceries, running your children around, errand running, checking facebook two or three times a day, twitter, scheduling meetings....and the list goes on and on.

Every morning I have a cup of coffee!  It helps me wake up and gets me going.  Now can I do without it?!! Sure, I"m not the kind of woman that if I don't have my coffee, I become a monster the rest of the day.  There's just something about that cup of coffee though!  Just like that cup of coffee, is my need for time to be with Jesus!  I know it's hard as women to put aside half an hour to an hour out of our already busy schedules.  It's necessary!  If not Satan will have a hay day with us!

I'm reading a book called "Trusting God".  The other night I was reading it and I read this quote and it spoke volumes to me.  "Every morning I walk straight to the coffeepot and push the On button.  I"m a total coffee girl.  I like a piping-hot, extra dark roast with half-and-half, and I struggle to function before my first cup of coffee.  I crave that first sip and relish the warmth of the mug in my hands.  I jokingly call it my  "warm, happy friend.  My mornings just wouldn't be the same without coffee!  We should have the same attitude about our faith.  We should wake up each morning bursting at the seams to be with God, to be in His presence, to listen for His still small voice, to savor Him.  A faith that is brewed fresh daily strengthens us, renews us, and enables us to mount up with wings like eagles, to experience the power of God in our lives, to run and not grow weary, to walk and not faint (See Isaiah 40:29-31)."  (Trusting God A girlfriends in God adventure, Multnomah Publishing).

That's the kind of faith we need beyond our church pews on Sunday morning!  We should wake up "bursting at the seams" to be with Jesus.  It grows our faith and it will send satan packing with his head tucked between his tail!

How about it?!! Spend some time with Jesus who can fill your cup to overflowing today!

God bless you!