Monday, January 28, 2013


It's Monday!  Sometimes it's just good to be real and stop putting on our Sunday morning facades.  Today, I've decided to take off the "everything is ok facade" and let down my guard.

You see, it's in my nature to be REALLY SWEET to folks.  I mean I write 5-10 cards a month to different people, do nice things for friends/people because I care etc.  I've been told oodles of times, "Alicia, you're too nice."  Well, what does too nice mean?  What do I do?  Do  I turn my back on what I've been raised to do and just the mere fact it's my nature.

It's scary that people think I have some alterior motive to being nice.  All I really want to do is show people God's love.  Evidently, not every body appreciates it.  Jesus wasn't the most popular person on earth.  He had people who didn't like Him.  He had his very own disciple Judas betray Him.  Jesus must've been heart broken.

So, today on Monday, beyond my church pew, I'm learning that being nice has it's limits and Jesus understands we all have days where "everything isn't ok."