Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Are you clogged?!!!

This afternoon I was dealing with a clogged up sink.  It has become a point of frustration.  As I began to pour the solution down the drain God quietly painted me a picture.   He said, "That is what sin does in your life."  It clogs you up. 

The gunk, and filthiness of sin build up over time until it is just like my sink drain.  Dirty and stagnant.  Sin stinks.  It's not pretty and the more you let it accumulate the uglier it can become.  Have you become stagnant in your walk with Christ and let sin clog you up?  It's time to do something about it right?!!!

So, what is the solution to a clogged up Christian heart?!!!  Repentance! Once you repent and head in the other direction no longer allowing sin to clog you up, life can begin again!  It's not easy but it's doable!  A daily dose of God's Word, and constant prayer will keep your heart pure and right before God!

Are you clogged up Christian?!!!


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